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Alexandra Grove, N4

  • Finsbury Park, 2024
  • 9 sqm 

Rooftop extension of of 3m depth with balcony for outdoor space. This project showcases an external brick slip facade to match the existing building complimented by sophisticated black sliding patio doors, fixed wall  lights, and weatherproofed sockets. A beautiful entertainment space with a balcony has been beautifully realised. 

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Turners Hill, EN8

  • Cheshunt, 2021
  • 140 sqm

Residential low maintenance garden design comprises of evergreens, artificial turf and sandstone paving. This 140m²garden is suited for small children by avoiding trip hazards and omitting acidic plants to make it pet-friendly.

As the garden is south facing, a tree has been added to the west and seating is located on the east of the site. An outbuilding is created to attend to family movie nights, office area with an additional side shed for storage. 

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Toplocks Estate, UB2

  • Southall, 2019
  • 8,800 sqm

Project design management under a Design and Build Contract for the provision of 26 dwellings – 23 houses and 3 apartments on .088Ha plot, with car parks, EVCPs (Electrical Vehicle Charging Points) and landscape in  the Borough of Ealing.

The development features distinctive three-storey saltbox-style townhouses, each adorned with sustainable green roofs. The design not only provides an aesthetic appeal but also contributes to environmental sustainability. The project emphasises the harmonious integration of urban living with nature. The greenery surrounding the development will be maintained periodically to foster the growth of native wildlife plant species, enhancing biodiversity and creating a serene living environment.

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Hardwidge Street, SE1

  • Southwark, 2017
  • 12 sqm

Rooftop design for business office is accessed from the ground floor through access hatch. Accessing this rooftop haven is a breeze, thanks to the thoughtfully designed access hatch from the ground floor. For those in the top-floor flat, the rooftop is an extension of their living space, offering an alternative escape that’s both private and versatile.

One of the standout features is the glass floor, strategically placed to flood the room below with natural daylight. This clever design element not only enhances the ambiance but also promotes a healthier, more invigorating workspace.. Higher timber panel fences are placed on one side for the rooftop to prevent overseeing due to the primary school located on that side.

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